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The Whittlesey Consortium of Internal Drainage Boards is administered from the Offices at 28 Thornham, Way Eastrea, Whittlesey PE7 2AS.

The Administration team comprises of husband and wife team of Russell and Marilyn Wright.

Russell is Clerk to  Holmewood & District I D B, Whittlesey and District IDB and Woodwalton D C and acts as Consultant to Feldale IDB.

Marilyn is Clerk to Feldale IDB and General Secretary to Holmewood & District I D B, Whittleseyand District  IDB and Woodwalton D C.

The Drainage Districts are within the Cambridgeshire County Council’s area and the Peterborough Unitary Authority.

The Drainage Districts are within Fenland District Council and Huntingdonshire District Council boundary and they are able to appoint representatives to sit on the drainage Committees.


A general statement of the aims of the Internal Drainage Boards/Drainage Commissioners:
  Feldale, Holmewood & District, Whittlesey & District & Woodwalton

To provide land drainage, flood protection and water management services to the community and the environment of the Whittlesey and District Internal Drainage District to at least the standards recommended by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) at a cost that ensures best value for all.


To provide and maintain standards of sound needs based sustainable flood protection of:-
1 in 50 years for urban areas, and
1 in 10 years for agricultural areas.

•    To conserve and enhance the environment wherever practical and feasible to ensure there is no net loss of biodiversity.
•    To incourage the  conservation of natural resources.
•    To provide a 24 hour/365 day emergency response for the community.
•    To initiate, prepare and monitor water level management plans for all environmentally sensitive areas that could benefit.
•    To provide a working environment for staff that is empowering, fulfilling and safe.
•    To maintain financial records that are correct and comply with all recommended accounting practice.
•    To ensure that all actions taken by the Board comply with all current U.K. and E.U. legislation.
•    To liase with other organisations to set priorities and work pout problems that society can undertake and afford.

Through the use of


1.1    Completing the works as prescribed in the rolling works programme which is reviewed and approved annually by the Boards,
1.2    monitoring, refurbishing and renewing all pumping stations and equipment in accordance with the Board’s Business Plan strategy, which is reviewed annually,
1.3    ensuring that all Board maintained watercourses are flailed during the period mid July to 31st October, priority being given to main pumping drains and watercourses where annual maintenance is to be undertaken,
1.4    surveying all watercourses for environmental, archeological and heritage features before any works are undertaken,
1.5    maintaining records of all Board watercourses and pumping stations detailing all pertinent aspects,
1.6    maintaining and developing facilities for the  monitoring and control of all water management assets.
1.7    ensuring that water level management plans are initiated, prepared, agreed, operated and regularly monitored, and
1.8    operating all the plant and machinery of the Board in the most effective and efficient manner.

2.1    Processing and monitoring all byelaw applications and contraventions according to the Board’s policy, within the timescale permitted ensuring that clear information is returned to the applicant,
2.2    processing all Section 23 applications within the prescribed timescale and ensuring that clear information is returned to the applicant,
2.3    ensuring that all relevant planning applications are reviewed and where appropriate, comments forwarded to the planning authority and applicant to include identification of any development charges and collection,
2.4    collecting promptly all monies due to the Boards,
2.5    preparing all financial and management accounting information accurately and to the Board’s agreed timescales,
2.6    paying all invoices promptly within 30 days,
2.7    supplying all information required by the Boards accurately and on time,
2.8    supplying information to the Consulting Engineer to enable them to maintain the geographical information system (G.I.S.) held by them,
2.9    providing a 24 hour/365 day a year emergency response service,
2.10    purchasing the correct equipment or hiring the correct equipment at the best price to ensure that all staff can undertake the necessary works jobs effectively and efficiently, and
2.11    ensuring that all training requirements are met through an     agreed training programme for each member of staff.

The Feldale IDB is within the Nene River Catchment on the outskirts of Whittlesey, Cambs


The Whittlesey, Woodwalton District, and Holmewood and District are within the Middle Level area of the River Great Ouse Catchment and cover Whittlesey, Ramsey Mereside, Farcet Fen, Yaxley, Holme, Stilton areas in Cambridgeshire.

Drysides is on the outskirts of Whittlesey and joins the Greater Peterborough area of Stanground.

The Drysides Internal Drainage District and the Whittlesey Internal Drainage District have just completed an amalgamation under section 3(1) of the land Drainage Act 1991. The order was made on 16th november 2010 and has been confirmed on 1st march 2011 and is now effective. The Whittlesey and District Internal Drainage Board applied for a Differential Rating order which was confirmed on the 25th july 2011



Consortium homeWhittlesey I D BWhittlesey I D BDrysides IDBDrysides IDBHolmewood & DistrictHolmewood & DistrictFeldale I D BWoodwalton D CWoodwalton D C